Awa’s Journey

Adventure game | ZHdK Game Design | 2022

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In this adventure game you play as a young woman named Awa who is on an epic journey to save her beloved forest. Explore a touching story with quirky characters, set in a fantasy world full of huge trees and giant insects.

The story starts on a peaceful morning where we meet our protagonist Awa who lives a quiet life on a giant tree in a magical forest. But this peaceful existence is shattered by a huge earthquake, the first sign that not everything is alright. As the player progresses in the story, a tale of greed and exploitation unfolds, showing the dark sides of the magical forest.

The game has a clear message about environmental destruction and its effects on all life in an ecosystem. The story also shows the different people involved in this destruction and tries to explain their motivations. There is no simple black and white thinking, not everyone who’s part of the exploitation of nature is a bad guy, some are victims of their environment themselves, merely doing what is needed to survive.

Mechanically the game focuses on interactions with NPCs, where Awa learns about the different people inhabiting the giant tree and what their motivations are. To get through the levels the player hase to solve puzzles where Awa uses her ability to grow plants instantly to build bridges and leathers. But because the seeds for these plants are limited and some time have to be collected first, being smart and foresighted is key.