strategy game | ZhdK Game Design | 2022

Underlink is a strategy game with a new and innovative level design, other than in most games of the genre the level is not based on a plane but rather a three dimensional grid. This design allows for a totally new experience, where strategies have to be planned in new ways. The main focus in the design of this new map was on clarity and legibility, because changing such fundamental aspects like the design of the map could otherwise lead to a very chaotic gameplay experience.

Most mechanics themselves are rather simple, mainly not to overwhelm players who aren’t used to the new map design. For example there is only one system of points, which function as currency, resources and victory points altogether, likewise there is only one kind of unit, functioning as workers and fighters at the same time. 

In the game two players are competing against each other in this turn-based  game, both with the same goal, to be the first to earn 60K cash. This cash is earned in two ways, first by building power lines and getting cash for these action ones, second by building power distributors which generate money every turn. The map is designed in a way that there are possible combos in building your powergrid, resulting in extra money every time a combo is completed. And of course there are many ways to sabotage the progress of the enemy player.

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